Are you searching for the peace of mind that sobriety can bring? Do you or someone you care about need help getting their life straight from drugs or alcohol? If this situation describes you or your loved one, you require may more information about a drug treatment center.

What should you look for a treatment center in the Los Angeles, CA area? Don’t just choose any treatment facility. There are several components you should seek when selecting a rehab for you or your loved one. There are also different levels of care for people depending on their specific need. The levels of care in addiction treatment are:

  • Detoxification
  • Residential Treatment
  • Partial Hospitalization / Partial Residential Treatment
  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Outpatient Treatment
  • Aftercare Treatment

Only a certified substance use professional can determine which of level of care is required and this is done by performing a substance use evaluation.

Our Compassionate Care model is designed to help yourself or a family member heal from substance use disorder. All areas of life need to be addressed and this can only be done in a safe and contained setting with licensed and credentialed staff members who have many years of experience in treating addiction.

We have programs specifically designed for young adults who need to get sober and get their lives back on track. This would include individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy, case management, substance use counseling, vocational skills counseling, and healing activities such as meditation, hiking, and developing their passions.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic addiction treatment means that the aim is to treat the entire person, not just the addiction. We employ many different therapeutic modalities and no one way is the right choice for every person. Every one of our clients is different and coming to us with their own stories. As such, their treatment plans and the modalities used will vary from person to person. A few modalities used are CBT, DBT, Mindfulness Based Therapy, Experiential Therapy and Art Therapy.

In Holistic Based Treatment, some of the methods used include such components as:

  • Detoxification to get the drugs out of your system.
  • Therapy to heal the mind
  • Physical activity to build the body and make it stronger.
  • Healthy eating to encourage your mind and body to heal.
  • Dual diagnosis to help the client with the underlying emotional and mental health issues which could have contributed to addiction.
  • Meditation to help individuals relax and de-stress without medication.

Alternative Treatment Center

While 12 step programs have helped many individuals get off drugs and alcohol, we offer both 12 step meeting attendance as well as alternatives to 12 step meetings. We offer many healing and recovery related activities for our clients. 12 step meetings can be attended for free, so we want to be sure we are not charging clients only to take them to meetings. Therefore, we offer a wide range of therapeutic and evidence-based clinical modalities. There are many paths to sustainable recovery, and we want our clients to feel free in choosing the right path for them along with guidance from our certified and licensed substance use professionals.

Here are reasons to choose an alternative treatment program:

  • Our treatment programs empower individuals to take charge of their lives and behaviors.
  • Alternative treatment programs show each person what they have to give back to the world, rather than requiring them to help others or forcing them to do something that is not currently working for them.
  • Our programs teach that any addict can become a non-addict by living drug and alcohol-free. Nothing can hold an individual back from recovery and having a good life if they choose to do so.

Outpatient Treatment

Some people choose to enter treatment without living in the treatment facility. They can benefit from elements of the program without leaving home. This option is ideal for young people who are working or going to school. They can continue their educations and receive treatment at the same time. This level of care would only be determined after a substance use evaluation from a certified professional. We would want to make certain this was a safe and appropriate level of care for the client.

Residential Treatment

Other individuals may choose to live at the treatment center. This is called in-patient treatment and the levels of care for this are detox and/or residential treatment. This is a higher level of care for those who are currently using and/or drinking alcohol and require a period of time to come off substances under the guidance of a qualified team of experts. Usually, their stay begins with a period of detox, where they stop using their drug of choice and rid their bodies of the associated toxins. After they have been detoxed safely, they will begin group and individual therapy sessions to help them unmask and uncover the underlying issues driving their addictions in a safe setting.

Onsite Detox

Drug withdrawal is tough. Getting off drugs alone can be dangerous and have serious consequences. You and/or your loved one will have a much more successful and much less painful time of getting off drugs or alcohol in an onsite drug withdrawal program. We have staff onsite 24 hours per day to assist our clients to detox more comfortably. All of this help is available in a luxury setting.

Dual Diagnosis

If your loved one was self-medicating a mental health issue such as anxiety or depression, our dual diagnosis therapies can help heal both the mind and the body. People undergoing an integrated type of treatment for drug addictions and mental health issues tend to stay sober over those who don’t get this type of comprehensive treatment. It is always recommended to treat co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders simultaneously.

After counseling and other types of therapy at our Los Angeles, CA drug rehabilitation facility, we offer aftercare. Many of the statistics on the success of 30-day treatment programs indicate that they don’t work for the long haul. Having an aftercare program that supports the recovering addict for a longer period greatly adds to the success of their treatment episode. Overall, it has been proven time and time again that the longer someone stays in treatment, the more sustainable their recovery. 90 days or longer is always the best choice and it has been shown that less than 90 days limits effectiveness. This is why aftercare is so vital to one’s long-term recovery. We have the ability to completely individualize this for our clients.

Alternative Treatment Methods

Our comprehensive program offers a variety of types of counseling and therapies to assist individuals in building their self-esteem, staying off drugs and living a life full of joy in recovery! Meditation, yoga, acupuncture and equine therapy, as well as other alternative methods of treatment, can be explored. Choose what works for you best.

Integrated Sober Living

Aftercare continues with group and individual counseling, vocational and educational counseling to get into a school or help finding a job, assistance in locating housing if needed, and many other components of a happy, drug-free life. A major part of our aftercare includes sober living assistance. Recovering addicts who utilize sober living gain:

• Housing.
• Education.
• Continued counseling, emotional support, and mental health therapy.
• Wellness and assistance learning to live a healthy lifestyle.
• An aftercare program individually designed especially for their needs.

Email or call us soon for more information. If you or your loved one is in need of help getting sober, the sooner you get help, the better for everybody!